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I am a fully Accredited and Qualified Masseur ( Massage Therapist ) with the A.T.M.S ( Australian Traditional Medicine Society ) with years of experience, training and courses in a broad spectrum of styles and techniques to be able to help treat and alleviate pain. I mainly specialise in the rehabilitation of injuries. 

I have worked with some of not only Sydney's or Australia's but World renowned specialists in their chosen field. This includes Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and Orthopeadic Surgeons. I have studied under Kimberli Rideway in the United States who is Internationally renowned as the best Accupressurist in North America. I learn't Accupressure and Gem Essences from her. I have also committed to educate myself, this is just to give you an idea that I am a genuine Masseur who takes pride in their work and likes to continue his education to provide the best solution or answer to alleviate any problem. 

My clients range in age from 16-89. I generally work on Athletes of all disciplines ranging from Boxers, Kickboxers, Bodybuilders, Weightlifters, Bike Riders (both Motor and Push), Football (Soccer, Rugby Union and Rugby League), Cricketers, Tri-Athletes and Field Events Athletes. I have been working on athletes from the Nepean tri-athalon since 2001. Over the years I have worked with some of Australia's Elite Athletes and World Champions from around the World in their chosen Sport.

We have not included our Overseas High Profile Clients who travel far and wide to get Therapy..

This is only some of the clients profile of past and current Australian clients who attend our clinic..

These include but not limited to :

- Jana Pittman ( 2 x World Champion , 4 x Commonwealth Champion)

- Jarrod Bannister ( Australian Javelin Champion, Commonwealth Javelin Champion)

- Matthew Outzen (Australian Javelin Champion)

- Mehmet Yagci ( Australian Weightlifting Champion, Commonwealth Weightlifting Champion)
- Trent Morrow ( "Marathon Man" - World Record Holder for Most Marathons in a year over 7 continents)

- Ellinore Hallin ( Swedish and European Record Holder for Decathlon)

- Michael Badato ( Australian Kickboxing Champion, World Kickboxing Champion)
- Reinhardt Badato ( Australian Kickboxing Champion,  South Pacific Champion, World Kickboxing Champion)

- Joe Concha ( Australian Kickboxing Champion, World Kickboxing Champion)
- Luke Woods ( IFBB Pro Bodybuilder)
- Luke Schembri ( IFBB Pro Bodybuilder)

Teams :
- 2017 Scotland Rugby League World Cup Team
- 2017 Tasmanian FUTSAL Football team for Nationals
- 2017 Full Force Kickboxing Team for Fight Nights
- 2017 Cancer Council Relay for Life
- 2017 City to Surf ( Singapore Airlines VIP Tent )

I have also been given the name of "The Red Adair of Massage" as I generally seem to know how to treat the problem rather than correcting one and causing another in the process.

I am currently studying Acupuncture and I am also the Director of Studies at the College of Nepean Natural Therapeutics where I lecture and teach massage to people who have an interest or want to make a career move.
I am qualified in the following modalities:

* Diploma of Remedial Therapies
* Diploma of Therapeutic Therapies
* Diploma of Remedial/Therapeutic Therapies
* Diploma of Deep Tissue Massage
* Diploma of Advanced Massage
* Diploma of Remedial Massage
* Diploma of Anatomy and Physiology
* Diploma of Sports Massage
* Diploma of Myotherapy
* Diploma of Sports Medicine

Certified in the following modalities;
* Chair Massage 
* Acupressure Massage (Sydney and California)
* Trigger Point Therapy
* Reflexology
* Stretching

* Dry Needling

* Neil Asher Technique

* Graston Hall Technique

Please keep in mind that theses are all of my qualifications in regards to Massage Therapy and that I have continued to expand my knowledge outside of massage to learn all aspects of the muscles which includes Strength and Conditioning courses and going to Wetlabs. (Wet Laboratories). Working with Gadivas and dissecting bodies to see the Bio Mechanics and Movements of the Body.

I hope this provides you with comprehensive details about myself and my qualifications and if you have any further questions please feel free to call me. I pride myself on the provision of old fashioned friendly service and if i am with a client and the phone rings please leave a message and i will call you back at the earliest possible time. You pay me to massage not to pick up phones!!!

A range of Techniques are used to Promote Relaxation or Stimulate and increase Circulation within the Muscles. Each Massage is different and will be completely tailored to what you ned, this includes Medical conditions that Massage can be beneficial for, deeper massage to get rid of Aches and Pains, relaxing Massage or to increase the Circulation around your Muscles a more stimulating and zingy Massage.




Angus does not work on other Massage Professionals as Others in the Past have decided to try and get a FREE Education when it has COST him, time and money. Legal action will proceed if you are found out to be a Massage Professional.




Melita is a Qualified Massage Therapist who takes great pride in my work. She has broadened her Knowledge with studying other modalities outside of her chosen field. As they say “ Variety is the Spice of Life “. She has studied both here and abroad in furthering her self education so has more tools in her toolbox which she can draw on when she needs them to apply on her Clients individually.

- She specialises in Remedial Massage but with her knowledge she has stepped out of her comfort zone and performs Manuel Lymphatic Drainage which she studied under Michelle Vassallo who is one of the leaders of the pack in this field in Australia.

- Reflexology is one of her Modalities that she loves with a passion and can’t get enough of. She find this really challenging.

- Baby and Pregnacny Massage is another of her favourites  There is nothing like the feeling and touch of both an Unborn and a New Born Baby, knowing that you have helped them into this world.

She is a very passionate about helping my clients  to improve their Health and Wellbeing.
My Treatments are focused to the needs of each Individual and no Body is exactly the same.
Looking forward to getting to know you and accustomising myself to your Body and its needs.




Laurence graduated from his diploma in 2015. He has firm hands and very comforting and absolutely loves what he does. Laurence is very passionate about helping clients maintain healthy muscles, alleviate aches and pains, manage stress, and assist with injury recovery. Seeing positive results and receiving feedback from many regular clients gives him an enormous sense of satisfaction knowing he has helped improve their health and well being. 

  • Swedish (relaxation)

  • Remedial

  • Sports

  • Recovery

  • Pregnancy

  • Deep-tissue



Matt Menzies


I started massaging (mobile) the public in 2012 and completed my RM Diploma in 2014.
During 2014 I started working in corporate massage as a good means of income whilst I was studying.

2015-2017 I worked for Dr George Pitzis whilst he was in charge of the 2016 Premier winning NRL Cronulla Sharks in his Sports Medicine Institute. March 2017 a part time position with Firm-N-Fold became available and in 2019 I became fulltime and in-charge of running of the store. After work, during the week I will often do a mobile job before going home. Some weekends I work corporate jobs and I also teach therapists everything about seated massage. I love my job, drive about an hour each way to come and help therapists get the right things for their particular set up and I love sharing what I know about seated massage and networking with therapists and business’s alike. It’s a win-win for everyone.
In my free time, I’m riding the waves. Have been doing this since I was 5.

Brad Walker

Profile Picture Black Shirt.jpg

Brad is an internationally recognized stretching and sports injury consultant with 30 years of practical experience in the health and fitness industry.


Brad is a Health Science graduate of Southern Cross University (formally UNE) and has postgraduate accreditations in athletics, swimming and triathlon coaching. He has worked with elite level and world champion athletes from sports as diverse as triathlon, motor cycle racing, roller skating, squash and baseball, and has lectured extensively on stretching, flexibility and sports injury management.


Best-Selling Author & Speaker


Brad has written more books and articles on stretching and flexibility than any other author; including the Ultimate Guide to Stretching (first published in 1997), the Anatomy of Stretching and the Anatomy of Sports Injuries.


His stretching and sports injury articles have been published in numerous health and fitness magazines and extensively online at sites such as, and Magazines such as Runners World, Bicycling, Triathlete, Swimming and Fitness, and Triathlon Sports have featured his work. His books have been listed in 5 Amazon Best-Seller categories. And Google cites over 100,000 references to him on the internet.


Learn more about Brad below and how you can book Brad to speak at your next workshop or conference.


Web:        Email:               


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