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Over the years we have many of our clients from different occupations and backgrounds coming to our headquarters in Blacktown all leaving with an obselete perception of what epsom salts can be. These are just a few of those perceptions :

“ After playing for Scotland in the Rugby League World Cup, I was recommended to use these Epsom Salts, the last game I played, I used this product before the game, I had an absolute blinder and ripper. This is now part of my ritual as part of my preparation and recovery for all of my matches. Watch out..Here I come ! “


Kane Bentley

Hooker Toulouse Rugby League

Duras France


“ I really look forward to my weekly bath with Sapientar Si Sincere Premium European Epsom Salts. It’s the best thing that makes my week. My muscles are nice and relaxed and I feel like a new woman after using this product. I strongly recommend Sapientar Si Sincere Premium European Epsom Salts. “


J. Butler

Office Worker

Toongabbie Australia


“ I have been using Sapientar Si Sincere Premium European Epsom Salts as part of my fight preparation for many years now. It’s the best Epsom salts on the market and its great value for money. It far surpasses the Epsom Salts from Australia. As long as I am still fighting, this will keep me going and will play an important part in my regime. Give it a go and you will be surprised and join the many that are now a part of the Epsom Salts culture. “


Michael “Badass” Badato

World Champion Kickboxer


“ As the Owner of Rose Bay Aquatic Hire, I used to get a lot of bad Cramps with my work load and been on my feet day in and day out the same with the water. Ever since I started having my Hot Baths with Sapientar Si Sincere Premium European Epsom Salts my Cramps have completely gone. This is my weekly ritual and I just want to say “ Thank You to you guys for a great product that has been around for many hundreds of years and will be around for many hundreds of years to come! “


V. King

Director of Rose Bay Aquatic Hire

Double Bay Australia


“ I treat all of my staff to Sapientar Si Sincere Premium European Epsom Salts as a treat as part of looking after them. Time and time again as a destressor to help ease their stress and make their life easy. I encourage them to have a Hot Bath Two to Three times a week as directed and guess what ? I am having great success with my staff. As what Sir Ricard Branson says “ without taking care of your staff and making them feel wanted and happy you don’t have a successful business. Without your staff you will not be successful. “


S. Strum

Director of Simon’s Strata Services

Dover Heights Australia


“ This is the closest thing to me been at home in Turkey and going to the Pamukkale Thermal Pools when I have a Hot Bath with Sapientar Si Sincere Premium European Epsom Salts. I have tried many different Epsom Salts in the past and nothing compares to this product. It took me a long time to find and I don’t need to look any further. “


Y. Sahin

Area Manager of Fairfax Group

Bella Vista Australia


“ This is the best thing since sliced bread. I have been getting fantastic results with my body since I have been using Sapientar Si Sincere Premium European Epsom Salts. I have even lost some body weight while doing the H          ot Baths. Great stuff. I’m hooked on this product. Thank you. “


C. Hanna

Advertising Manager of Better Homes and Gardens

Annandale Australia


“ I came across this product of all places in Australia. I went on an expedition to find Australia’s Best Natural Hot Soaks : Peninsula Hot Springs,Eulo Mud Baths, Bitter Springs, Innot Hot Springs, Moree Artisan Baths, Zebedee Thermal Springs and Lightning Ridge Bore Baths. I came across this product from word of mouth and I have never had these kind of results from having a Hot Bath than from Two Natural Bath places. Tuscany Natural Baths and the Myvatn Natural Baths in Iceland. I’m sold on this product and will continue for a long time to come. “


C. Crowley

Lawyer IKEA Sweden









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