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Massage Therapists, Remedial Therapists, Soft Tissue Therapists and Body Workers. There are so many different titles and modalities but they all have a very common thing in relation to each other. Guess what ?? The Musculo - Skeletal system. Our main purpose is to affect and work on the Musculo - Skeletal system, but as many of us know in our Bodywork industry, we can have positive outcomes and affect other systems of the body in numerous ways.


Our new and improved weekend workshops and online courses will be available from July 1 2023


Please also bare in mind that our Weekend Workshops are aimed at the Professional Therapist but we also cater for people who have an interest in learning and expanding their knowledge or who have an interest.

Our Weekend Workshops are great value for money. We provide Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea. Detailed notes and Demonstrations.

The good thing about our Weekend Workshops is that they go for two consecutive Sunday's instead of a Weekend. This means in most cases you are not losing your Weekend Income from back to back days. The other bonus thing about it is that you go away and practice during the week what you have learnt on the Sunday.If there are any problems or questions you can ask the Lecturer or Guest Speaker the following week. It's a win situation for you!!

Please also keep in mind if you are a Professional Therapist with your Continued Education Points ( C.E.P ) that with the Weekend Workshops that you can accumulate your points doing the Workshops.

One thing for sure is certain, is that you never stop learning and in the famous words of Bruce Lee " Knowledge is Power !! "

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