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Clinical Massage can help with numerous Soft Tissue pains and discomforts that often arise from an imbalance in the Muscles where one area becomes so Tight it impacts and changes the Structure of the surrounding Muscles and Joints.


As well as helping to regain the Balance by releasing the Muscles that have been “ Locked “ and helping regain the Strength through Stretching and Exercise, a number of Pathologies that often become Chronic as a result of this imbalance can be assisted with this approach.


The following Pathologies, although not Exhaustive, can be helped through Massage ;


* Herniated Disc

* Piriformis Syndrome

* Sciatica

* Spondyloysis

* Kyphosis

* Lordosis

* Scoliosis

* Whiplash

* Cervical Disc Pathology

* Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

* Frozen Shoulder

* Rotator Cuff Injury

* Subacromian Bursitis

* Shoulder Separation

* Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

* Bicipital Tendonitis

* Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


* Tennis and Golfers Elbow

* Tendonitis

* Tendinosis

* Ligament Sprains

* Muscle Strains

* Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

* Osgood Schattlers Disease

* ITB Syndrome

* Plantar Fascitis

* Shin Splints

* Osteoarthritis


As well as also helping manage the Symptoms and Pain of many systemic conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromylalgia as well as many others ....




Angus does not work on other Massage Professionals as Others in the Past have decided to try and get a FREE Education when it has COST him, time and money. Legal Action will proceed if you are found out to be a Massage Professional.

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