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Over the years we have many of our clients from different occupations and backgrounds coming to our headquarters in Blacktown all leaving with an obselete perception of what massage can be. These are just a few of those perceptions :


"What more can I say about Angus, he knows what needs to be done and he achieves it every time.  His knowledge surpasses those Chinese massage places in the shopping centres that after you have been to him, you would never go back or see anyone else ever again. This is definitely one person to have in your corner ! "


Joe Concha

WKA Australian Champion

ISKA Australian Champion

MASA World Champion




" I've being going to Angus since 2002. When you get ahold of a good massage therapist you don't lose them but when you find a great massage therapist that is a different kettle of fish. A great massage therapist is very rare and you hold onto them no matter what, as they don't need prompting, as he will tell what's wrong with you when it comes to your muscles. You will cling onto a great massage therapist no matter what. So which one do you think Angus is ? "


Kerry Fink



" Angus is always in my corner as he knows what needs to be done. He plays a very important role in my fight plans in the bigger scheme of things. He is involved in the pre and post fight preparations so I can recover much faster and knows how to treat injuries while he rehabilitates you. Just look at all of his elite sports level clients that he deals with, no wonder he is in so much demand. "


Michael Badato

IKBF World Champion

WBC International Champion

CMT (Cage Muay Thai) Champion


" When I first came over from Perth, I searched high and low for a good massage therapist. I heard off the grape vine, Angus was the man to see, as all the best fighters were going to see him. Now I know why, as when you have found the best forget the rest."


David Hoy

WKA Australian Champion

ISKA Australian Champion


" Now this is one man that knows the body. Pardon the expression, he is a one stop shop. He does it all, what more can I say but there are not too many massage therapists like Angus. He is very rare. When only the best will do! "


Luke Woods

IFBB Professional BodyBuilder


" I have known Ango for many years. He is a constant professional that takes pride in his work. He is one of a kind massage therapist that does not come along very often. He has a true work ethic that is very rare these days. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone. "


Mehmet Yagci

1998 Gold Medal Commonwealth Games Weighlifter


" This guy is the " The Real Deal ", when it comes to massage. He knows what he is talking about when it comes To muscles and rehab. Give him a go and you will see for yourself. "


Chris Cormier

IFBB Professional BodyBuilder


" Behind every good fighter is a secret weapon, guess who has been my secret weapon for so long who has kept me at the top of my game for so long?? The one and only!! I have tried other therapists in the past to see and compare but guess what?? No one comes close to Angus. The knowledge, skills, techniques and know how is what separates him from the rest. If he was a kick boxer, he would be a World Champion, hands down!! "


Reinhard "Badass" Badato

ISAK Commonwealth Kickbosing Champion 2003 & Current

WKBF Super Lightweight World Champion 2003 & Current

WKBF Lightweight World Champion 2004 & Current

WMTA Lightweight World Champion 2005 & Current

WKA Lightweight South Pacific Kickboxing Chamion

WKA Super Lightweight South Pacific Kickboxing Champion

ISKA Super Lightweight South Pacific Kickboxing Champion


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