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Corporate Services - Massage Therapy At Work

What are the Benefits of Massage Therapy at Work ?

*It Rejuvenates

*It melts away your Team’s Stresses

*It Increases Team Morale, Enthusiasm and Energy

*It helps your Staff cope with looming deadlines by reducing Stress Levels and Anxiety.

*It makes your Staff more Motivated and Productive

*It is an Amazing way to Reward your Team and Recognize their efforts by offering them Massage ( Therapy ) at work.

All Therapists perform Deeply Relaxing Massages at work, but understand that once finished, your Team needs to get back to their Work. All that undergo a Massage at Work will feel Lively and Refreshed, ready to tackle their next big task.


Did You Know ?

*On Site Massage Corporate Health sessions are the most effective intervention for Decreasing the Duration of Musculoskeletal Aches, Pains or Discomfort and for Increasing Range Of Motion ( ROM ).


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