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Benefits of Massage


The first Health Benefit of Massage and the one that most people know even if they have never had a Massage, is :


• Improved Circulation


Just as importantly, many more Health Benefits follow as the result of Massage;


• Gets Nutrients and Oxygen to Cells faster.

• Heart and Pulse rates are reduced.

• Lymph Circulation increases.

• Swelling is reduced.

• Skin conditions are improved.

• Superficial Scar Tissue is reduced.

• Stress and Anxiety are reduced.

• Increase in Delta wave and Alpha wave activity and decrease in Beta wave activity

                (Confirmed by EEG)

• Red and White Blood Cells and Platelets increase.

• Skin Gland production is improved.

• Natural Dopamine and Seratonin are increased which helps to reduce Depression and Stress.

• Takes away Soreness and Fatigue from Muscles.

• Promotes Healing of Fractures

• Motor Skills are improved.

• Increase Range of Motion and Flexibility.

• Stimulates Digestion.

• Improves Sleep patterns.

• Improves your Mood.

• Reduces Work related Stress.

• Reduces Post Traumatic Stress.

• Improves Self Esteem.


Massage is Important for your Overall Well Being.




Angus does not work on other Massage Professionals as Others in the Past have decided to try and get a FREE Education when it has COST him, time and money. Legal Action will proceed if you are found out to be a Massage Professional.

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