Epsom Salt - BATH TIPS


*Please run a Luke Warm Bath for Starters and hop in so your Body adapts to the Warmth.

 - Please Stay in the Bath initially for the First 5-6 minutes.

*During this timeframe the Skin Pores are opening up with the Warmth.

 - Please empty out of the Bath some of the Cold Water and top it back up with Hot Water.

*The Hotter the Better !

 - Once you have topped up the Bath with Hot Water again, please add 100 grams of Sapientar Si Sincere Premium European Epsom Salts to the Bath.

*Please REPEAT THE ABOVE PROCESS every 5-6 minutes at adding Hot Water.

*Don’t forget that 1000 grams of Sapientar Si Sincere Premium Epsom Salts will get you 10 Baths.

*Please stay in for at least 30 minutes and no longer than 45 minutes.


*Drinking Water every couple of minutes.

*Ideally drinking mineral water to replenish what you have sweated out OR Suck on some ice cubes slowly while you are in the Bath.

*You will notice that you will not sweat as much this way from your forehead.*



*Always remember to have luke warm baths during this timeframe to save dehydration.


Always keep up the fluid intake!


*The Hotter the better with the baths as it will raise your Body Temperature up as well as warm you up!

*Don’t forget to start getting yourself into a routine with the Baths.

*Your body will thank you for it.

*Always remember to try and do Day On and Day Off so you can shock your Body into recovery.



*NOTE* - During Hot Weather or when left exposed, Epsom Salts loses some of the water responsible for its Bright Crystalise appearance and may acquire a white frosted appearance. This has NO significant  effect on any of its properties.

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