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How Can Annointed Hands Soft Tissue Therapies Corporate Massage Help ?

*Massage Therapy ( Therapy ) has become a widely recognised method of treating Stress and has proven effective in alleviating Tensions in many Corporate environments. Here in Sydney ( Greater Western Sydney ), Massage Treatments have grown in popularity across the Corporate spectrum as both Therapeutic Treatment and a Reward Incentive.

*Annointed Hands Soft Tissue Therapies strives to create Harmony in the Workplace by offering an Office Massage Sydney employees can truly benefit from. These services incorporate a variety of different Techniques including Deep Tissue, Shiatsu and Trigger Point Therapy.

*As the Authority on Workplace Massages 9 Therapy ) in Sydney, we are equipped with over 20 years of Experience. This Experience has afforded us a Wealth of understanding when it comes to the Musculoskeletal System and how to restore Balance to the Body. Our breadth of Knowledge has informed a time tested Treatment Program for all our Sydney Corporate Massage Clients who have Experienced the Results first hand.

*These Office Massages ( Therapy ) can be administered in a variety of different ways, depending on the Client’s preference and can last from Five ( 5 ) minutes to Thirty ( 30 ) minutes. As a Mobile Massage Service, we arrive at your Sydney office fully equipped with the materials needed and require very little time and space to set up. Employees are then invited to begin their Massage fully clothed and with very little disruption to their day.


*As a fellow Sydney based Business, we understand the value of your Employee’s time which is why we considerately provide a Corporate Massage Treatment at the Desks of your Employees so as not to take away from their Work flow. You can Improve your Staff’s Performance without compromising their day to day activities and routine.


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