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Over the years we have many of our clients from different occupations and backgrounds coming to our headquarters in Blacktown all leaving with an obselete perception of what massage can be. These are just a few of those perceptions :


“ The Best Massage I have ever had. I got a Great Night’s Sleep after having a Massage and I feel good. “


Lorraine Britton


“ That was a truly Unique and Professional Experience. All the years that I have had a Massage, I never left feeling Revitalised. If you get a chance, don’t waste your Money going to the Markets, go see Angus and the Therapists who work with him. Money worth spent. “


John Hopkins


“ Very Good. Was struggling with a Calf Injury the day before my Kickboxing Fight. Angus and his Crew treated me and got me through it. Guess what ?, I won. “


Franz " Dirty " Sanchez


“ That was the Best Massage I have ever had. It provided much needed Relief for all of my Aches and Pains. “


Rodney " Rocket " Williams



“ Due to the Physical nature of my work in the Carpentry trade. I was constantly suffering from every Ache and Pains. Ever since I started going to Angus and his Crew on a Fortnightly basis, I have found the Aches and Pains are been held at bay making my Life a lot easier. “


Ryan Betts


“ I’ve had Chinese Massage in the past, then I discovered Angus and his Therapists. Now there is one group of Massage Therapists that I trust for Knowledge and Skills with my Body. These people know what they are doing. Guess who you think that I trust ?? “


Yex Sahin


“ There is an Old Saying, “ You Pay What You Get “, “ Pay Peanuts, You Get Monkey’s”, with Angus’s Group of Therapists, need we say more… worth every cent. “


Andrew Gati

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