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Stress and Unbalance is something more and more of us are suffering from. It can be very slow process that can catch us off guard and it can also come in bursts depending on what type of Lifestyle you lead. It is incredibly important to value yourself and try to maintain the Balance by having some very important “ Me Time “.


Having a Massage is a great way of Helping to create a space for you to feel Safe and to Relax. Working with the Body’s energies it can Help to stabilize the Release of Stress Hormones and to finally unwind and bring some perspective back to your Life.


You know when you want to get back to your “ Old Self “, again but just can’t seem to. It is not good for You to be in a state of Permanent overdrive, be careful not to let your Health suffer.




Angus does not work on other Massage Professionals as Others in the Past have decided to try and get a FREE Education when it has COST him, time and money. Legal Action will proceed if you are found out to be a Massage Professional.

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