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Workshop Date : April 4 2020 and April 11 2020


(Chinese Acupressure Massage)

Is an traditional healing form that has evolved to alleviate many diseases without the use of either instruments or drugs. It relies on the techniques applied by the therapist by using their hands and applying them to the body's surface of their client.


  • Details

    Chinese Acupressure Massage translates in the Chinese language as "Tui Na". It means "Grasping". The basis of this is to balance the Qi (Vital Energy), Blood and Body Fluid within the body. When we achieve this we can return the body to its natural homeostatic state.

    Like many other traditional healing forms from our past it was developed by the working class people of China who used to live and work with disease but most of all, struggled with it. It is one of the most easiest and simple forms to use as it is particularly effective in treating many different ailments. This is why it has gained a huge following amongst the working class people.

    It is well and truly documented in its healing form to help some of these ailments:

    * Cramps and Spasms
    * Arthritis
    * Constipation
    * Hiccups
    * Diarrhoea

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