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Weekend Workshops


Welcome to our Now Famous Weekend Workshops which cater for the Professional Therapist as well as the Laye Person.

We have people who have Travelled Far and Wide for a Weekend Workshops.

The good thing about our Weekend Workshops are that they are run over Two Consecutive Weekends on a Sunday. Which means if you are a Professional Therapist that you are not missing out on your Income and not taking days off to better your Education. You will undertake Theory and put into Practice during the week on family or friends and return on the following Sunday where you might have encountered any problems or questions which can easily be addressed. In addition to learning the new techniques which are applied on the day. We provide a follow up service where we are available for Consultation should you require any further clarification about what you have been taught.

All of our Workshops come complete with Comprehensive Notes, Practical Facilities as well as Beverages. Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea is all included in the Cost. This truly is Great Value Money!!

" All of the Workshops that I have ever attended, I have never come across such a good spread of things ranging from notes to food!! "
Stuart Hinds

All of our Weekend Workshops are Accreditated with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society for Continued Education Points which go towards your Yearly Accumulation that is required for your continued Professional Education and Membership.

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