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Workshop Date : August 01 2020 and August 08 2020


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    Cupping has been around for many hundreds of years and is well and truly documented with its benefits that it brings to a you and your clients. It has being used by both Eastern ( Asian ) Cultures and Western (European ( Italian, Greek and African)) Cultures. It used to be passed down through the generations via Mother to Daughter in Italian and Greek Cultures.

    Traditional Cupping refers to the use of flame with Glass Cups. Warming or Heating of the Cups was the method used to obtain the necessary suction that is applied to the skin and is drawing in the superficial muscle layer to be held into the cup. Cupping is generally applied to Acupressure Points or Acupuncture Points and any other areas of the body that is affected by pain.

    We will be using modern Cupping Techniques with the use of a small operated pump and with the valve attached to the top of the plastic jar so that you are not invading the clients privacy and less chance of burning them with the flame. Plus you have the bonus of controlling the amount of suction in the cup. We will be working on all aspects of the body from upper extremities to lower extremities. Please also beare in mind that it is expected to be a certain amount of bruising involved with the intention of breaking up any stagnation.
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