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Pilates - Catherine Bolshesolsky

Catherine was a franchised Personal Trainer at Fitness First Parramatta for 6 years, and still teaches weekly Pilates Reformer and Mat classes there and elsewhere.  Catherine fell for Pilates in her very first mat class back in 2003, when the idea of co-ordinating breath with flowing movement strongly appealed.  She now has nearly 7 years experience teaching Pilates, completing her first Mat qualification in 2006, and a full Studio certification in 2010.  As a latestarting distance runner, Catherine also enjoys participating regularly in various running events from 5km to Half Marathon.  Pilates perfectly complements this and all other training, building strength from the inside out.



x Pilates Matwork

x Pilates Reformer & Studio equipment

x Wellness and Weight Loss program

x Running fitness & endurance training

x Functional resistance training

x Postural analysis & correction


Catherine firmly believes that a regular Pilates practise can improve the quality of YOUR life,

however old or ‘young’ you are!


Training philosophy in a nutshell: “Train your Body, Mind and Breath as One”


Favourite Pilates quotation:

“Perform your exercises with control and your body performs like a symphony”

– Joseph Pilates

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