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Belly Dancing - Amera Eid

Amera is originally from an Egyptian/European background. Her grandparents lived in Port Said, Egypt, emigrating to Australia in the early 1960s. Exposed to oriental music and dance at a young age, her authentic Egyptian style and musical ear are clearly in her blood. She began her professional training in Sydney in 1983 with Rozetta Ahalyeas, who gave her the grounding to become an entertainer. Starting in Sydney’s Middle Eastern nightclubs, such as “Hunnas”, “Beirut by Night”, “Mykonos”, “Sheik’s tent”, “Sahara City”, “The Middle Eastern Club”, “The Egyptian Club”, “Chez Liban”, “Cave Du Roi”, “Cedars of Lebanon” and “Sheherazade”, she also remained the resident dancer at the well-known “Golden Nights” for over eight years, in between contracts overseas.


What to bring (attire):

- Comfortable clothes

- Bring a scarf

To purchase attire or items visit


Starts - Saturday 28/05/2016 from 9AM - 10AM

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